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Industrial Servicing

The core of our business is supplying industrial parts and equipment. We know how important it is to catalogue and maintain your assets and equipment. You can take advantage of our knowledge and skills in this area.

The ancillary equipment is often the most abused and ignored item in a workplace. Until it breaks, nobody notices it and then it is everyone problem because it is slowing you down. Send us your sad, your weary and your broken and we will bring them back to life again. Generators, Compressors and Pressure Cleaners…not humans.

Repower Refurb or Retrofit

Light towers are a huge investment to any company. With years of use and abuse then can become expensive to replace, but often have good bones. At GW Industrial we have a team dedicated to tower refurbs. For a fraction of the cost of a new tower we can take your old tower and make it new again, engines, electrics, trailers, hydraulics, lights. Or a simple engine and alternator changeout. Call us to discuss your options 07 4842 9300

Do you have a fleet of Metal Halide Towers and are looking at the LED options that are out there? Conversions are possible. We can supply the kits or we can supply and install. Ask to see out demo tower and see the cost savings to be made.

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  • Retrofit brochure

Equipment Register

Your equipment register can be set up with ease by our experts. Your equipment catalogue is documented and placed in the register. This means that when you call for parts and we ask you for the model and serial number – we will already have it – no more trips back to site or to the shed to get that elusive information.

The register can be as simple or as complex as your situation requires. Blue truck, red generator, green Pump, or Site/Equipment#/Rego etc.

Download a template to get you started. Don’t know where to start, call us and we can help with a site visit if necessary.

Service Kits

Based on your equipment register you can have a Service Kit created to serve your upcoming needs. The information in your Equipment Register allows you to track equipment numbers to anticipate your future needs.

Your kits come packaged per machine and clearly labelled, again saving you time and frustration. And because we build the kits in store they can be tailor-made to your needs – filters, belts, oils, additives, service stickers etc.

We have you in mind. Talk to our industrial equipment experts to find out how we can help you more. 07 4842 9300.