Geohex is a unique permeable ground stabilisation technology that has a multitude of uses. From soil and turf stabilisation for the enhancement of water saving measures to the reinforcement of roads in and around mine sites, Geohex is a safe and cost-effective substitute for concrete with a load rating of well over 1200 tonnes per square metre*.

Manufactured in Australia, under ISO9001:2008 quality standards, Geohex is easy to use, quick to install and manufactured from 100% recycled material.



Thanks to its unique hexagonal plastic paving grid like structure, GEOHEX Erosion Control System is designed to keep gravel in place without any rutting and spreading. With its lightweight design, GEOHEX Erosion Control System panels are easy to install in many applications, including those that involve the building of walking grids.


GEOHEX Erosion Control System assists with the rehabilitation of mines and industrial sites by assisting with the build-up of vegetation, stabilisation of embankments and walls and by the stabilising of both soil and road areas thanks to its strong hexagonal design.


GEOHEX Erosion Control System has been designed with a 99.7% non-porous surface that has been engineered to allow rainwater to slowly run off into soil and then into the water table rather than having it to run off to drainage. This minimises drainage issues and also helps the environment by contributing to water conservation.


With the ability to stabilise slopes with large inclination, GEOHEX Erosion Control System helps prevent surface erosion and subsidence in a wide variety of situations including roadways, mine sites / construction sites and residential developments. When filled with gravel GEOHEX Erosion Control System grids provide a stable substrate that prevents further slope movement.


As an anti-erosion product with the ability to prevent drainage and hydraulic erosion in a wide variety of applications, GEOHEX Erosion Control System can be used as an effective erosion control technology in a huge variety of applications.


Thanks to its open inter plastic paver design and cell-like structure, GEOHEX Erosion Control System is effective in helping control and manage stormwater drainage to prevent flooding and other drainage issues.

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